Body Movement for Wellness

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 Happy Sunday Mujeres! 

Whether you are getting ready to have a chill Sunday at your home or go out in the community with family and friends. I want you to keep one thing in mind and ask yourself, when the last time you prioritize gentle movement for your body? I am referring to exercise such as: yoga, weightlifting, Pilates, walking, running, stretching or dancing proactively. The reason we should all be thinking about this is because our bodies crave proactive movement. 

If you're laughing and responded Never...It's time to start thinking about why you should and the benefits. As women we go through many health transitions with our mind, body, and soul and this means energy has to flow to find harmony. Movement helps increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients to the body which means increasing levels of good energy. And seriously, who doesn't want good energy?! 

Here are a couple benefits of Daily Movement:

                1. Mood 
                2. Energy
                3. Weight Management
                4. Good Sleep
                5. Self-Confidence
                6. Less Stagnation and friction in the muscles and bones 
                7. Overall Good Health

To get some motivation going find a good space in your home or outdoors to set up an exercise corner. I found a particular area in my bedroom corner next to a mirror and plant where I've added a small free weight bracket, so I can easily engage in a 30-minute workout at home. 

 Remember, you don't have to spend a couple hundred dollars if you already have existing equipment. Grab what you already have and create a wellness corner or simply grab your walking or running shoes and head outdoors. Being outdoors is natural medicine, so walk or run around your neighborhood, community park, or hike trails. Motivation starts with actionable steps, so what step will you take?