Self Care Tips for Spring Season

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Spring is the season to help declutter our lives by getting organized, make list, plan and schedule for spring projects. This is the season where women can focus on journaling, mind mapping and meditation for fertility wellness and purpose. 

The beautiful thing about Spring it's celebrated around the world because the new sunlight provides our communities much more than food, plants, animals and warmth. It provides an opportunity to experience change. The type of change that can involve your physical, emotional and mental needs.

Now is the time to shift our energy and provide ourselves a nurturing environment. Therefore, it's essential to spend more time outdoors to celebrate our health transition. Being outside and receiving the light of the Sun through from our skin helps incredibly for hormonal health, rhythm, fertility, bone health, immune function, and moods. 

A good dose of Sunshine can help boost your fertility whether your trying to get pregnant or have better hormonal balance for your menstruation. Sunglight affects the level of the hormone melatonin and a key vitamin that has a role in regulating women's reproductive cycle.

Spend more time outdoors by going for a walk, hike, or gardening because they all provide additional time in the sun that you need to boost your fertility. Clearly,please make sure to take preventive measures by using sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn.

Why the Sun helps..

Vitamin D is crucial for the reproductive health, hormone levels and ovulation. Although vitamin D can be found in food, the main source will be sunlight. And when women have adequate levels of vitamin D, women can produce large amount of progesterone and estrogen. These both work to regulate your menstrual cycle and can also improve ovulation.

Get outdoors in the next couple of weeks and soak up as much Vitamin D as possible because it's necessary for healthy bone and embryo development once pregnant. Add some outdoor activities such as signing up for a outdoor workout class.

If you are unable to go outdoors because of your strict nine to five job, you can find vitamin D in a number of food such as milk, cereal, eggs, and fish. But, the amount we take in with food will not be sufficient. The majority of vitamin D you body needs is produced chemincally when sunlight is absorbed through the skin.

Below is a lunch sample of how to include fish as part of your meal: