Cocktail Hour with Susan G. Komen San Diego

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Hola Hola!!! We are halfway through the week, so let's keep going to complete our goals. With that said chicas, I want to share an awesome experience I had with Susan G. Komen San Diego. First and foremost, I like to give thanks to Suzy Garcia, Director of Scatena Daniels Communications for allowing an opportunity to explore the cocktail hour for Screens, Genes and The Decision We Make event.

Are you ready to learn what the cocktail hour was all about? Bueno, eating and drinking of course! Pero no te creas que fue asi, in all seriousness it was an opportunity to learn about the many faces that stand behind Susan G. Komen's mission. And that's everyone from advocates, educators, patient navigators, case managers, survivors, local community members far and near, mayors, doctors, sponsors, donors, clinics and hospitals. Mujeres, we have a team of experts standing behind us every step of the way, so don't let your fear prevent you from getting screened today, tomorrow or the next day. When you are ready, so is the community.

Here are a couple of facts that I've learned:

Over 300 guest gathered to hear about the latest in breast cancer health treatment at Susan G. Komen San Diego's  "Screens, Genes & the Choice We Make"

Bank of America is the presenting sponsor of Susan G. Komen San Diego's Screen, Genes & The choices We Make.

(photo credit: Lauren Radack)

Dr. Dennis Holmes and Gina Champion-Can Joined "Screens, Gene & the Choices We Make", to inform guest on the latest in breast health treatment and holistic well-being.

(photo credit: Lauren Radack)

Award-winning Joan Lunden shared her breast cancer journey and the importance of breast health advocacy at Susan G. Komen San Diego's "Screens, Genes & the Choices We Make."

(photo credit: Lauren Radack)

Okay, chicas, now that I have your attention, I am going to give you a quick inside look at the mammogram mobile unit. The floor plan inside is modern, organized and clean. Once you set foot inside you will find a small registration area to the right and then to the left there is a small sitting area with a vital sign machine. Further down the unit is a small hall way and a cute small changing room to prepare yourself for the exam.

In the back of the mobile unit is the mammogram machine, a technician station and a small area to lay down for a breast exam. Once the provider is done with the breast exam, the technician will then walk you over to the mammogram machine to start the screening process. As you can see, I took a brief moment to lay down and experience what women feel as they are mentally preparing themselves for the exam and your probably wondering why?

Well that's because I know all to well how it feels to be in your shoes. At the age of 26, I had my first ultrasound of my right breast which then resulted in getting my first bilateral diagnostic mammogram. Obviously there was an area of suspicion, but I am thankful that everything came out benign (normal). The most important lesson learned in my experience and as a Latina was conquering my fear of the unknown, but also placing the example to my fellow Latinas que no estan solas! 

After a great tour, I walked over to the bar with Kelly to try the pink cocktail, there we sipped and mingled. And little did I know.... I was going to run into Ambrocia Lopez, Director of Mission Programs, Susan G. Komen Orange County . Ambrocia and I go way back ladies, we met when I was finishing up my internship at Komen. She and I along with great volunteers worked tirelessly on weekends to create an awareness along in our great Latino communities in Santa Ana. As a matter fact, Komen was the place where my passion for women's health began and since then I've been involved in the health care field in a variety of roles. Also, Ambrocia and I are looking forward to bringing a cafecito hour interview on La Saludable Latina podcast to share the trends and efforts that have been succeeding with our Latinas.

(Ambrocia and I)

Thanks to my photographer Kelly Wallace for capturing the moments and accompanying me to the event. Not only did we capture the experience, but we met two special survivors that day, Wendy Shurelds and Barb Whatley. I can go on and on about their stories, but I am personally going to save that for another time because I believe inviting them to the podcast will have a greater impact.

(Kelly Wallace)

(Wendy Shurelds, Survivor)

(To the Left: Barb Whatley , Surfer/Survivor)

Okay chicas, I am happy to share that the Komen event raised $210,000 dollars!! Woohoo!

Remember, regardless of your age, race and ethnicity.
Every Women Counts!