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Getting back into fitness is a journey as well as finding the right products that can help you maintain your fitness goals. Between family commitments, work obligations and social events it may seem down right impossible to get back into fitness. And as result most people tend to buy whichever electrolyte drink seems good to the eye without realizing the amount of calories and sugar they might be consuming. Whatever the choice was then, I am here to encourage to think about your beverage choice.

As a wellness expert, educator and advocate, I will be sharing why ROAR ORGANICis a good beverage choice for individuals who are athletes, fitness gym gurus and just a regular person with fitness goals. The thing about beverages is that you have to want it for yourself and not just simply because you think it's cool. I guarantee you that most people who choose a drink of their preference is because they like taste and look, but are unaware of the calories, sugar and ingredients they are consuming. A beverage is not just a beverage, it's about finding the ideal beverage that contributes to your fitness goals. Forget the external motivator about the beverage looking fancy, let's dig a little deeper to read the labels on beverages.

Downhill with Will Ferrell

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Whether you have plans for Valentines day or not. Now is a perfect time to treat yourself to a new movie. This upcoming Friday on February 14, 2020 the new comedy movie Downhill with Will Ferrell will be released. It's time to head down to the theatre!

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As a special treat, we like to invite you to attend
 an advanced screening on February 11, 2020 @ 7:00pm
 at Edwards Cinema Mira Mesa, click the link below to snag a ticket! 

Tickets are first come first serve

If you join us the day of screening, please make sure to arrive at least an hour early to ensure seating.

Watch the trailer below..

See you at the theatre!