The Sacred Circle at Mt. Helix

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Honoring directions of a sacred circle can often lead to spiritual practice, but, unfortunately, many people have not attempted a sacred circle. When we are able to form a sacred circle, we realize our own intuitive compass will lead to a connection that will have us yearning for a deeper connection of unity. 

The Sacred Circle can emphasize your inner compass that can open your heart and honor a medicine wheel of healing. I work with four directions in my personal spiritual practice, in doing healing and counseling, and guiding group hikes and rituals. The four direction are an integral part of my worldview and provide a framework for understanding action. 

It is important for individuals to map their own traditions, preferences, experiences. The map I use is present to evolve overtime and continues to evolve because I adapt it to my needs. When you create your map it should provide a lens through which you view your own dimensions of self healing and health. It can be useful in assessing area of wellness and strength as well as areas which need healing and attention.