Emotions, Pain, and Rebirth

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 Hello Ladies.....

We officially made into August and I am slowly coming back. I know what you are thinking.....how many times have I hear this before? But truly you will relate because you are also walking in my shoes because we are all going through some easy and/or really ugly nasty transitions in life! 

So... what is the deal Lily...why am I reading this?! Here is the thing ladies, we are all working on re-birthing ourselves, our strength, our wisdom, our self-love and much more. But before we can enjoy the remodeling of "Me" and "You" we must first acknowledge the pain and messiness that left an imprint in our mind and stagnation in our bodies. Yeah you know the pain that is tied to your emotion that seems to haunt you because you keep permitting those memories, situations, and/or trauma to recycle back into your life!!

I know we've all prayed for a do-over, a second chance, a clean slate only to find ourselves confronted with terror that you thought you had erased (possibly maybe even healed from), but all you did was repressed and tuck those feelings real deep within yourself. Nevertheless, that fear is sometimes present in our life because we are going through transitions that may open up those repressed feelings. Whether we are intentionally seeking it or not... we are tapping into those energies within ourselves because we still got work to do.

So, now is the time to reclaim your re-birth and tap and discover the inner wisdom that is tied to God and Divine. Rather than brush your repressed emotions, ask yourself, what would you like to learn from them. Activate your self-reflection and establish some mindful practices that feeds your soul such as: nature, daily prayers, reading, and social activities to re-claim your healing journey and create new experiences. 

And don't forget to honor your body by eating healthy, exercising, resting, and practicing self-love. Stand with your emotions and make space for clarity and breathe in your presence.  It's time to let go of the wounds that have caused physical illness. Your alive. Create and make space in your consciousness for a new chapter to begin. 

I look forward to hosting a self-love workshop towards end of August.