Morning Ritual Routine & Episode 48 with Jessie Medina

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I don't consider myself a morning person anymore, since I stop competing in sports, but I have notice having a good morning ritual is beneficial for your health. A good morning routine can help set the mood for the entire day. So, it's vital to help exercise good stimulation at the beginning to make your day more productive.

Below are a couple tips to help you get started:

1. Create a good feel for your morning ritual by lighting an incense to create a good mood as your           taking a shower.
2. Select creams, lotions and/or oils to soothe the body
3. If you have time you can do a short 10 meditation and breathwork
4. Enjoy a breakfast you love. Oats, avocado toast, eggs, smoothie, coffee or tea
5. Select a wardrobe that will help uplift your mood and confidence
6. Before stepping out of your home say, " I am thankful for _(fill in the blank")_

Okay, now that you know a few tips now it's time to tune into Episode 48 with Jessie Medina

Books Recommendations:
1. Linchpin-Are-Indispensable-Seth-Godin
2. Leapfrog-New-Revolution-Women-Entrepreneurs

How to Find Jessie:
Instagram: https:jessie medina official


Women's Healing Art Services


My Womb, My Healing

Is a place to gather as we discover and integrate a new blueprint of our wellness journey and the women we are becoming.  As each woman claims  her healing process, we begin to connect to different healing modalities to raise our own self conscious awareness to connect with our bodies, mind and spirit. I specialize in women's wellness relating to abdominal therapy, energy healing and nutrition. I provide consultations, patient navigation, and care management. The services created are for women who are going through: *Fertility Issues *Menstruation health problems *Pregnancy Loss *Pelvic Trauma *Recovering from pelvic surgery procedures * Breast Cancer diagnoses, treatment and procedure

The services created provide support and education in:
  • Womb Health
  • Womb Reiki Healing
  • Womb Massage
  • Womb Detox
  • Conscious Fertility
  • Breast Health
  • Breast Healing Exercises
  • Nourishing Feminine Vitality
  • Bodywork for Women Wellness
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There will also be private womb ceremonies (indoors or outdoors) for women who experienced a pregnancy loss.
The ceremony allows for the individual to honor their loss and connect to their womb with a special ritual and continue their own personal journey towards healing.
We hope to  embrace pristine pauses of silence, self love, and support for each woman to express her experience and feelings.
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Please feel free  contact Lilia at
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