Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

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The Foundation for Women’s Cancer (FWC) is dedicated to supporting research, education, and public awareness of gynecologic cancers. Whether you or someone you care about has been impacted by gynecologic cancers, you're in a position to share your experience and empower others with the knowledge you've gained. 

As women, we often feel pain and discomfort in the pelvic region and this can be due to several factors such as Menstruation, PMS, PCOS, and/or  Endometriosis etc. Having known that, we should always  become familiar the potential signs and symptoms of gynecologic cancer, so we can be consciously aware of the health disparities that exist among women of color. 

According to Disparities in Gynecological Malignancies article, health care disparities exist higher in women of color due to complex and biologic factors such as race, socioeconomic, and geographic barriers that influence treatment and survival. This is why it's crucially important for women to understand why we need more representation in research studies because we can't based one clinical study to be applicable for all women. These barriers must be addressed to provide optimal care to women in the U.S. with gynecologic cancer. 

So Mujeres, our efforts for Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month (GCAM) can have a huge impact on individual lives and the community at large. So take the initiative to educate yourselves about different types of gynecology cancer because the more we are aware of potential health disparities in the pelvic region, the more we feel empowered to make conscious decision for survival  treatment, plan of care,  and lifestyle. 

And if you do know someone who has been diagnose and needs support, please make sure to refer them to the gynecologic-cancers basic resources webpage where they can navigate survivorship, caregiving, palliative care, education resources, and financial resources. 



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The Wisdom Study

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Happy Monday y'all! I hope all of you had an amazing labor day weekend! With that said, I kept thinking about a resource I wanted to share known as The Wisdom Study. The study is to find out if all women need to get a mammogram every year or if there should be more of a personalized screening recommendation based on breast health, family history, lifestyle and more.

Below are a couple FAQs created by the Wisdom Study: 

What is the WISDON Study?

The WISDOM Study is designed to end the confusion about breast cancer screening. By comparing two safe and accepted screening recommendations, we will determine the best screening guidelines for ourselves, our sisters, our daughters, and future generations of women. Together, we will discover the best way forward.

What are the benefits of participating in the WISDOM Study?

By participating in this study, you will help us determine how to best screen every woman. You will have access to the latest information on breast health provided from a source you can trust. You may also have access to advanced genetic testing that is currently not routinely available. Most advances that have been made in breast cancer risk reduction, diagnosis, and treatment of breast cancer are due to participation of women like you in studies like this. By participating you are joining a community of 100,000 women who will end the confusion for yourself, other women, and future generations of women. 

Why is the WISDOM Study needed?

There is a lot of confusion about when and how often a woman should get a mammogram. Breast cancer experts don't all agree. The WISDOM study hopes to provide clarification on which method is safer and more effective for women: routine yearly screening or personalized screening. 

The study aims to determine how to best screen every woman and learn the best way to use mammograms to catch breast cancer while reducing the number of false alarms and biopsies for women without breast cancer. This study will compare routine yearly and personalized screening. 

To learn more about FAQs 

or Watch the Video Below 

Now that you know a little bit of information, I encourage you to share, research, and navigate The WISDOM Website. Perhaps you may know of someone that would like to participate, please feel free to share with your family, friends, and colleagues.