You are the one most familiar with your body!!

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Happy Thursday!! We are half way through the week and I was stumbled upon some readings and comments that have been pondering on my mind. And it all starts with our perception of our bodies and placing high confidence in the inner guidance ability of the medical system.

I am not saying the medical system is bad, it's actually good. But like everything else its has it pros and cons, more now than ever, I am very observant about how patients take care themselves and how much authority  they give to the  medical doctors (I am guilty of this too!), so I want you to put your critical thinking hat on and learn that you know your body the best.

Tune into episode 28 to learn about the patriarch of our health, culture belief about our bodies, and really learning about how we view our female bodies as an accident waiting to happen. Let's stop being unapologetic for being a wise women!

Let's go on a Hike to Cowless Mountain

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Going on a hike may not sound all that bad in conversation, but when you
physically commit to do it, you have to remember to stay strong and positive to reach the top.

Here are10 tips to prepare yourself for a good hike:

1.) Hydrate yourself well before going on a hike
2.) Remember to take a water bottle
3.) Wear Cool Clothing
4.)  Wear hiking Shoes vs. tenni shoes (Your feet will thank you!)
5.) Use Cool Dry Sport Suncreen 30-70 SPF
6.) Wear Sunglasses with 100 % UV Protection
7.) Style your hair in a ponytail or bun
8.) Wear a headband or Hat (helps keep sweat away from face)
9.) Stretch 5-10 minutes before hiking
10.) Go at an easy pace & control your breathing when hiking steep trails

Happy Hiking!

p.s. remember to enjoy the scenery