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Happy Monday Ladies!!! Wit that said, I know for a fact a lot of us may experience back pain, tense shoulders, tight necks when we work for more than eight hours a day in front of the computer. Some of us move around the to find a comfortable place like the couch, the bed, and even the floor, but I knew this option wouldn’t be good for me because of the tightness in my midback. So I navigated the web to see what I could find as an alternative and I found @flexispot_sitstandmove

I love having the option to sit or stand while I work from home after work to catch up on my creative work. It feels good to not be restraint to only sitting down and I’ve really been enjoying the reduction in back pain and boosting my productivity.

This is definitely a five star find and important for ergonomic health because the way you engage in your work is also part of your wellness. So make sure to look at what you need in your home work environment that will improve your energy level, so you can feel good when you end your day.

Since I love this product so much I am sharing a discount link where you can save $15 of your purchase. If you are interested check our at: http://flexispot.refr.cc/saludablelatina . Feel free to share with family and friends.

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