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I have to admit staying calm during my fertility journey was sometimes a little hard with everything that was going on, but I reminded myself to stay grounded and in harmony so my WOMB wouldn't captivate too much stress and intense energy.

As you all know, I've experienced two miscarriages, but what you didn't know is how much I distance myself from my body the first time it happened. I lost track of my body literacy with my cycle, cervical mucous, ovulation and everything. FEAR really shocked my body and I isolated my very own body from myself. 

But everything was a process with my healing and regaining my reproductive knowledge because it was vital the second time around it happened to uplift my soul and body sooner than the first time. But yet, I was struggling to identify my ovulation peaks because my hormones had changed so much. And although, I did my best to track everything in my journal. I was missing a small component to help feel confident in understanding my new ovulation phases until I came across Mira Fertility .

Mira is the first and only comprehensive at-home testing device that allows women to quantitatively track major hormones and plotting continous curves to predict ovulation. 

Unlike other fertility trackers on the market, Mira Fertility analyzer is the only fertility tracker on the market that gives you actual hormone concentration levels as well as an easy to understand fertility score bases on these readings. It allows to capture fertility window before ovulation and get clear results. 

Mira is the worlds smartest, clinically proven ovulation and fertility trackers that helps you know exactly when your fertile and infertile days are through Al-powered hormones analysis. No more missed peaks or hard to read, inaccurate over the counter fertility/ovulation test. 

Mira is more than just a hormone trackers- it's an all in one fertility tracking system that automatically syncs, records and explains your fertility hormone data in a way that is easy to understand. Mira Fertility is as easy as collecting a urine sample on a disposable stick! The Mira Analyzer is optimized for home and on the go testing, keeping your fertility journey personal and discreet. 

Get started with Mira
1. Press the button to turn on your Mira Analyzer. Scan the QR code that appears onthe analyzer or download the Mira app by visiting: http://mira.app.
2. Launch the Mira app and make sure Bluetooth on your phone is turned on.
3. Follow the instructions on the Mira App to pair your Mira Analyzer 
4. Press the Analyzer button to confirm the connection

5. Immerse the Mira Fertility test wand into urine for 10 seconds. Please use the first morning urine or limit flued intake for two hours before test. (p.s. the cup in the picture is filled with a little water just to show process. Remember to use your own real urine) 

6. Move the blue cap to the other end of the test wand. Push until it clicks securely into place while keeping the triangle pointing up 
7. While keeping the Analyzer on a flat surface, fully insert the test wand into the Analyzer in the direction of the triangle. Keep the Anaylyzer level and sitll while the test is in progress.
8. The test will take 10-16 mins to process. Results will automatically sync to your Mira app! 

I found this process real simple and quick. The best part is having my  analysis is linked up to my app on my phone where I can review my fertility data. Mira now plans to continue to grow their comprehensive women's health home monitoring platform to also include testing and analysis for ovarian reserve, fetal health and miscarriage, menopause and hormone balance. 

Mira also recognizes that we have health disparities for black females. Black women face higher infertility rates and are 3-4 times more likely to pass away from pregnancy complication compared to white women. This particularly troubling, especially because the majority of health care workers are women of color. Mira is aware of the existing painful disparities in healthcare and access to reproductive health and they are doing their part by providing FREE Mira starter kits to communities that need them the most. If you want to help support the movement, donate to black doulas  organization. 

My fertility journey feels a little more at ease knowing other women will be supported as well. 


1 comment

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