Menstruation Kit Fundraiser

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We did it! We raised $269 dollars towards the Menstruation Kit fundraiser. And although this was a small group of women who came through to support the cause. I appreciate each $1 dollar donated because in return I can start purchasing eco-friendly pads to help young girls feel empowered about their menstruation. 

With your donation, I am able to  purchase items that will be healthy for young girls to have access to such as: The Honey Pot , Get RaelThis is LTraditional Medicinals Healthy Cycle Tea. Each item selected was hand picked to support the women who created eco friendly hygiene items here in the states, but also to support their mission in giving back to young girls across the globe, so they may continue their education. 

We as a collective (thanks to your donation) are making a conscious effort to empower our young girls to love their menstruation, become knowgeable about eco feminine hygiene products and feel supported along the way. 

Thank you for making the first purchase possible! 

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