Wake Up! You are not Alone!

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 Waking up your soul after a fragile divorce is needed for every women to recognize that her spirit needs to be uplifted, loved and strengthen, so SHE is able rediscover her purpose, what she wants and desires.  According to article written by Sbarra, "divorce is a highly stressful event, and much remains to be learned about the factors that promote psychological resilience when marriage comes to an end."  

For most women the end of a marriage is almost like an entire chapter of their life has ended, but it should not be the end of YOU! Instead it should be about what you could regain while at the same time uplifting your spirit and releasing as much as you can to heal. The more compassionate you are with yourself the more you will be able to manage and rediscover what you want emotionally, spiritually and physically. You should view the liberation of a divorce with the sensible maturity that you were able to gain relationship knowledge. Yes, it is  painful to reflect, to feel, to experience, but you are still here.. so like Cindy Canek said, " Wake the Fuck Up!" 

Tune into this week's episode as Cindy shares her own personal story of regaining spiritual wisdom..

Cindy Canek aka The Mommy Goddess is a Soul Coach passionate about healing and activating other souls to start living from their Soul't truth. She uses her "Don" her intuitive gift of seeing, reading, and shifting energy in her practice through various methods. Reiki, Pranic Healing. Channeling and Curanderismo. 

As an artist and intuitive creator she has launched various platforms with the intention of creating connectin and building a community where she shares high vibration content and light infused products with the purpose of creating awareness and expansion of your inner light

Book Recommendations:
1. The Four Agreements
2. The Basic Course of Miracles by Miriam Williamson

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