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Well ladies it seems that by now everyone is aware about the Coronavirus outbreak. So, I am going to share some great resources you can share in your community, work and home. I want to be mindful about sharing informative educational resources, but please do not PANIC or be consumed with FEAR. One of the things we should always be doing is simply taking precautionary steps just like all the other outbreaks with Influenza, H1N1, Zinka Virus and more. So, with that said, the World Health Organization has created a great  resource page that is accessible to the public to view.

The foremost important thing is to the following below:

Along with being informed, we need to take it back to the basics with:

You have already seen the media outlets constantly reporting on the Coronavirus updates, but if you happen to be a working class citizen who still needs to report to work make sure to:

And if you are sick, do the following:

Did you notice how many times the educational handouts stated " Wash Your Hands"!!! This is basically the one common thing we can continue to do to avoid spreading germs. Let's not take it for granted because we are constantly utilizing our hands for everything. With that said, we should also be mindful to clean our phones, laptops and workstations with eco-friendly disinfectant wipes to disinfect areas where we share equipment at work, office setting etc.

One more thing, please do not stress your mind and body. If you need to take a break to cope with stress, you can do the following:


Now, last but not least, if you do feel that you are getting sick with possible presentable symptoms, make sure to follow up with you medical provider. And if you don't have insurance, don't stress there are plenty of community clinics that offer medical services on a sliding scale fee based on income.You can pretty much search engine the internet for community clinics based on zip code and you will be directed to sources around your community. 

If you want to stay informed with WHO, you can visit their website at: World Health Organization 

(please remember this educational blog  post is not a substitution for medical advice, but I hope you found the information helpful.) 

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