MAXA a Healthy Store in Barrio Logan

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According to CDC, community health is a term used to describe the state of health and how easy or difficult it is to be healthy where people live, learn, work and play. The health of a community depends on the access to community resources such as healthy stores, wellness programs, community parks and much more. So as we strive each day to make a community healthy, I like to introduce you to a young entrepreneur couple who decided to open up a MAXA market in Barrio Logan.

The MAXA market was co-founded by Edgar and Gisel two Latinx enterprenuers who decided to take a leap to open up a small store that includes healthy Mexican snacks. Their mission is to provide the community with healthy alternative snacks as well as teach visitors and community members about the different products that exist beyond the traditional grocery store. MAXA team is one of many small groups in the community who work together to prevent disease and make healthy living options access in Barrio Logan.

Listen to Episode #46 as MAXA describes their journey

 Remember, you can help improve the health of your community by simply visiting, supporting and promoting MAXA market. Help out your community by becoming more aware of what type of  products MAXA has and share your discoveries with family and friends. I hope you enjoyed the episode and learned something new today!



Where you can Find MAXA market

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