Is Having Good Posture Important?

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I'll confess upfront that I have the worst sitting and sleeping posture. And there are times like I feel that I am twisted sleeping pretzel. This is actually really common for most of us and I'm a pretty sure your mother told you: sientate derecha, camina derichita sin jorobar la espalda, ayyy mira levanta el pecho (Sit up Straight! and Don't Slouch!).

Yes ladies, our bodies get super comfortable staying in postures that are not healthy for the spine and body. The sitting position is where most of us get in trouble with poor postural habits. And as one focuses on their daily activity for the day in front of the computer, we tend to protrude the head and neck forward. So it's only common for the body, thoracic and lumbar spine to round forward too. When this occurs to our bodies, the weight of head and upper body are no longer balance over our unique spinal column. Instead we start to feel discomfort, back pain, tense necks and upper and lower back  body discomfort. And before you know it,  we are creating our own little hunch back version. At this point it's important to be consciously aware of your body posture and reposition yourself to support your spinal column. If you must, get up and stretch, walk around and readjust your seat for ergonomic health. 

On top of our body posture affecting our body movement, it also affects our moods and habits. Girlll... yes, everyday our body gives us signals about how we will end up feeling. Pay close attention to how your body is feeling inside and out. Just recently, I had to give myself a break from my own personal projects, social media and be more focus on what my body needed, "R..E..S..T"

Like most people, we could easily ignore the sign and symptoms,but what good will it do if we ignore our bodies. Instead listen to the body symptoms early to help prevent future injuries as we get older.

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Remember this," body language is closely related to posture- the way we move our bodies affects how other see us as well as our own moods and habits." ~Belle Beth 


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