Why Gardening is Good for Your Soul

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My husband and I had recently bought a new home and I had so many thoughts of starting a family, but after experiencing my second miscarriage, I lost a sense of happiness in our new place. And during my time off work to heal, I felt my home become dull, dry and choppy with sadness. I didn't want to encapsulate the energy in our new  home environment. So instead, I began the healing process with several different healing modalities; one of them being house plants and gardening 

After seeing the energy shift in our house, it eventually lead to creating our own garden to honor our loss, strength and love. Gardening teaches you some valuable lessons:

1.When you garden, you are grounded in the earth while at the same time connected to the spirit world. It's as if your body becomes the bridge between the physical world and heaven.

2. It's hard not to love life when the plants and flowers gets your endorphins going and brings out positive feeling of vitality and gratitude.

3. Your honoring mother earth with your love and nurturing side. It's no secret that plants and flowers provide wonderful benefits to everyone who lives in the space. 

4. It's a mindful activity that engages your senses. Mindfulness is the act of being totally present in the moment. When you are planting, watering and weeding your senses are fully engaged in the sights, sounds, smells and tactile sensations. I love to gracefully touch all my plants, it brings a sense of comfort in my healing space. 

5. You feel closer to love ones on the other side. When I'm gardening and I see a special flower, hummingbird or butterfly, I feel God and my babies are telling me everything will be okay. 

6. It create beauty and joy for yourself and others. I love to admire my plants when I am cooking, reading and relaxing with Jordan outside. 

7. Its a great way to nourish the mind, body and soul.

Gardening can provide a simple meditation when one needs to feel re-centered:

To become AWARE, there is no better place to start then in nature. You can try taking this soul journey in your own garden, in a park, or even with a vase of your favorite plant. 

Pick out one flower or a plant  you would like to explore. In this case let's say a succulent plant that blooms purple flowers. Sit in front of the succulent plant, close your eyes and take some gentle breaths. .

As you become more aware of your breathing and space, begin to have a thought that you are much more than the human body. As a soul your light extends way beyond the body into the earth the sky and all around. 

Think of yourself now as the light.....

Become aware that there is a lovely world within the succulent plants and you are very much  part of it. And think about how does the light, water, placement affect the world of the plant or flower. 

Once you are centered with the thought, begin to blend into the life-force which is within all living things. The only difference is the degree of light and love. Remember to nurture this space with your light and be mindful that you are also to part of the placement that affects the world. 

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