Episode 27: Cindy Luquin's Ovarian Cystory

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Happy Friday Ladies!!!

It's pay day and the weekend has arrived. Make sure to pay your bills and enjoy a little downtime from work, so with that said, Friday's Episode is finally here, grab a drink because you going want to listen to Cindy's Cystory.

Also, what do you really know about an ovarian cyst? and Have you ever had pain radiating to different part of your body like belly button, back, hip and pelvic area. Hmmm... do I have your attention.. it could be that you might have an ovarian cyst passing through or one that is just simply sticking around causing you to be uncomfortable and having pain.

Either way if you have no clue and the pain is still residing after a couple days. Make sure you follow up with your primary care provider (aka Doctor) and ask for an Pelvic Ultrasound, so they can check you reproductive health like your uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.





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