Getting Fit with your Dog

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Getting fit with FIDO encourages all dog owners to get fit and healthy. The extra perk to this campaing is getting a complete workout for free while enjoying the outdoors with your furry friend. About three years ago while living in McAllen, Texas,  my husband and I decided to rescue a mix shepherd from the dog shelter and it was the best decision we made because she brought so much joy.

My husband and I have lived in apartments the past four years and never really had a backyard or big balcony for Jordan. So, it was important for us to provide Jordan a happy home, but to also include exercise into her daily routine. Jordan is not the average little dog, she is built with stamina and often gets confused for male dogs. She is a very energetic, so we often worry about leaving her for long periods of time because we fear she  might get depressed.  However, my husband and I make sure to take her for long walks in the morning and afternoon. On weekends we enjoy runs and hikes on different trails.

If you have a dog at home and would like to feel inspired with FIDO fitness check out the information below for some motivation. Keep in mind your dog's health is also important, remember they look at you for companionship and love. Jordan and I often challenge ourselves when we get outdoors. For example, on a long hikes Jordan loves to sprint from the bottom of the canyon to the top and back down. And while Jordan is doing her sprints, I decided to join in the exercise by doing 5 sets of 20 air squats and leg raises before you know we both feel real good and happy.

I think our next adventure will be to try the dog paddle!


Lilia & Jordan

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