Women's Fatigue

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Have you been feeling down right fatigue lately?
I know I have and I am not sure why...
I mean I know on a good day I can catch a good 6-8 hours of sleep,
but that doesn't explain why my body feels like It's been run over twice by a bus

Worn out and weary, women across the country named fatigue among their top five health
concerns of 2010 in WebMD's annual year in health survery (the other four were period problems, "super foods" best for nutrition, thyroid conditions and sex and relationship issues).
(Topics I will include in my blog),

One of the things I've been thinking about lately is my vitamin D levels 
because lately my bones have ached more than usual and on top of that my increase in fatigue. 
And I know that is not a good sign and it's been downright hard to get back into working out, but I also know I am not alone ( I know your reading this chikas, yes you and no I am not pregnant). 

If you haven't caught on by now, According to Volgman " there's been an epidemic of vitamin D over the last few decades because we've been avoiding the sun."  But,  I know I don't avoid the sun at all, I mean I love being in the sun any opportunity I get ( I mean I use to be an triathlete for god sakes), but maybe I am not getting the same dose as I use to get. 

And then, for some people, their digestive tract cannot absorb vitamin D well. For others, the kidneys have trouble converting the nutrient to its active form. And being overweight makes vitamin D less available for use in the body. Whatever the reason, to little of this essential vitamin can sap your bone strength, and some research links a deficiency of vitamin D to chronic fatigue syndrome (webMD).

Scary! I hope that is not what I (or you) are going through.
So, what should we do? Well for starters you can make an appointment with 
your primary doctor and discuss your sign and symptoms. Perhaps your provider
can order lab analysis to check your blood levels. Secondly, it's time to start 
considering taking a vitamin D daily supplement. 

I recently purchased  the Leader Vitamin D natural flavor chewable tablets.
It's a dietary supplement that will help promote bone, immune, breast and colon health.
One table a day will help get you the right amount you need.
So next time your thinking, no I am good, perhaps it's time to start taking your vitamin D.

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