Getting Back to Running

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It's been a good minute since I've ran and it only takes me back
to my competitive days in Track and Field and X-Country.  
Lately, I been getting back into running thanks to a my good friend Kellee
who's been on a journey of getting healthy and fit.

Seeing her dedication motivated me to get back into running and
it's been a good couple of years since I've done this exercise
so I knew right away to have a steady pace.

Since, I am a petite girl, I told myself I was done with running and decided to just
stick with weight training, but after joining Kellee on runs;
I've realized how much I missed the sport and how horrible my breathing pattern is
but nevertheless it's time to get back at it.

So ladies, to keep yourself cool during your run I recommend wearing
light cool sport clothing, running shoes and hair accessories.

Staying in shape is hard because we have so many constraints
or other life factors, but the key is to push yourself and not to give up.
Remember to start with a positive mind and everything else
will work out.

Here are my quick tips for a good Run:

1. Hydrate  your body with H20 a couple days prior
2.Wear Sunscreen
3. The two C's , find gear that is going to be 
Cool and Comfortable
4. Stretch and Warm up your muscles 5-10 minutes
5. Find an easy neighborhood or trail to run 
6. Remember to go at an easy pace, you don't want to burn out early. 
7. Control your breathing
8. After your run, STRETCH  again
because your lactic acid in your muscles will build up and cause
tightness and soreness
so remember to stretch again after your workout.

Happy Running!


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