Let's talk Mira Fertility with Sylvia Kang

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Sylvia is the co-founder and CEO of Mira (www.miracare.com), a fertility tracker that tracks the numerical fertility hormone levels at home. Mira tracks cycle, predicts ovulation, monitors fetal health, measures ovarian reserve, and detect menopause at home, using a hospital-leveled technology within a palm-sized device. Sylvia holds an MBC from Cornell University and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University. She is al a Concert Pianist and has won multiple international piano competitions in France, China, and Hong Kong.

Mira is the first and only comprehensive at-home testing device that allows women to quantitatively track major women's hormones and plotting continuous curves to predict ovulation. Unlike other fertility trackers on the market, Mira Fertility analyzer is the only fertility tracker on the market that gives you actual hormone concentration levels as well as an easy to understand fertility score based on these reading. It allows to capture fertility window before ovulation and get clear results. While their first product is focused on LH, we are releasing an FDA approved LH+ Estrogen test wand shortly after. Follicle stimulating and progesterone hormones are in the near future as well.

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Bonds Australia

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Happy Monday Ladies! This past weekend I decided to change my bra game with some new designs from Bonds Australia .The bra designs are comfortable, fitting, and relaxing for petite woman like myself. I don't have to worry about loose straps and uncomfortable underlying wired bras. On top of their great selection they've design some bras with a smooth open back that is easy to wear with any tank top. 

As woman, it's important for me to know that wearing a correctly fitted bra may help improve my posture, prevent pain and discomfort. According to Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, woman will wear up to six different bra sizes due to fluctuation of body change. So, it's important to check your bra size annually and make necessary changes. 

Remember bras and styles vary on the preference for each individual, but make sure when trying out new bras to wear them for at least five minutes to asses fitting, mobility and comfort. Please don't make it a habit to buy a bra just because it's pretty, instead meet the needs to support your beautiful breast. And if the bra if chic and fashionable then it's Win Win! 

Bonds Australia has a wide extensive selection of colors from purple to black and although I wanted to buy them all, I started with a simple trio with gray, brown and white. 

Fertility Talk with Dr. Loree Johnson

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Happy Wednesday Ladies! We have a new podcast guest with Dr. Loree Johnson who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). She has been in private practice with more than 25 years of experience as a clinician, educator, and clinical supervisor.

Dr. Loree Johnson specializes in women's mental health and reproductive health to help clients overcome the emotional challenges that come with fertility challenges- including pregnancy loss and emotional trauma. She also helps couples, who have become divided by their fertility journey, strengthen their connection. As fellow clinician of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, she has served in both state and national boards.

On her spare time, Dr. Loree Johnson loves to dance salsa, travel and ride her motorcylce.
Make sure you click the link below to listen to Dr. Loree Johnson fertility journey and the services she extended sorrounding fertility.

3 Fruits to Eat During Your Menstruation

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Many woman have uncomfortable symptoms during their menstruation cycle. And what we may not realize is that the foods we eat before, during and after can have a huge effect on your period health.  Today, I will share 3 simple fruits you should have in handy during your menstruation phase.

First, is the mini watermelon. One of the best remedies at times to lessen cramps is to eat water based fruits to lessen the period cramps. Watermelon can provide hydration, prevent bloating, and increase blood flow which is good for our reproductive region.

Second, are the blueberries. Blueberries can help fight off the uterus ninjas because they have high antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can help balance out the hormonal changes during your cycle. Plus they are believed to help with low estrogen levels.

Third, are the blackberries. They are a Summer staple, but are packed in vitamin c, fiber, and high in manganese. Blackberries can reduce cramps, alleviate physical PMS problems and clot excessive bleeding.

Overall these sweet fruits can help keep your menstruation cycle healthy, curb sugar cravings without eating a lot of refined sugars and help replenish vitamins and minerals back into your body.

(Quick Tip: If you ever get the 2 for $5 dollar fruit deals, and are concern about possibly not consuming all of your fruit. You can always freeze your fruit.)

Founder of Wellness Glow Up Media

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Kayla Nedza is a certified International Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist who is dedicated helping women of color become their own best health advocates with overall wellness, relationships, career, self alignment, culture and beauty through her company, Wellness Glow Up Media.

She host the Wellness Glow Up Podcast, a weekly show devoted to helping women of color become their healthiest selves by providing the tools and knowledge to be their own health advocates. When she's not leading her company, creating, and interviewing health professional, you'll find her weight lifting, dancing around the kitchen or listening to the Hadestown sountrack.

Tune into Episode 10 as Kayla's shares her own personal wellness journey and why she created the Wellness Glow Up Media platform.

Full Interview Below:

A Simple Watermelon Cake

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I wanted to share a sweet cake that is different for this weekend’s celebration. And while some of you
are getting ready to BBQ at home, bake sweets and make some great cocktails. I want for you to try  something sweet, creative and healthy. Cuz if you don’t know by now, I’m all about mindful eating.

Don’t get me wrong I love to enjoy a little break every now and then, but the more I pay close attention to what I am consume, then the more I am sync with what my body needs. So this cake definitely helps satisfy that sweet craving and you can cut a slice and top it off with some whip cream, almonds, and raw honey. 

Ingredients needed:
1 small watermelon
1 grape fruit
2 kiwis
A handful of Blueberries
3 Strawberries 

Extras Ingredients for Serving:
Whip Cream
Sliced Almonds
Mesquite Honey 

Enjoy the 4th, practice healthy social distancing, wear your mask, wash your hands and be kind.