Talking Herbs with Angelana Marie

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My dream is to one day see OB and Gynecologist offices include fertility doulas, midwives, health coaches and women's health educators  that will provide holistic support services that can help women take their health into their own hands and help guide and  empower the divine female body. Obviously there is still a fine line of holistic vs western medicine, but I hope to one day see this blend come together for the greater good. 

Today, I like to let you know about natural herbs and supplements that can help provide natural remedies for women's healing and wellness. And technically we can avoid pharmaceuticals all together by healing directly with earths natural plants. To be quite honest, when I am suffering from a health discomfort, (and with all due respect to the modern medicine) I am always looking  for alternative natural healing remedies, so my body can have an opportunity to heal itself naturally. And if it  fails (which is rare), I will then start navigating for good doctors who have experience and are open to holistic medicine.

Okay, back to the herbs, below is just a few herbs that can help with some particular symptoms relating to women's health:
  • Ginger cann be used for nausea and upset stomach 
  • Peppermint can help with bloating and gas
  • Chast Tree Berry can help with mood swing and period related irratibility 
  •  Red Rasberry Leaf can help with menstrual cramps and heavy periods
  • Cranberry can help with frequent UTI's (Urinary Tract Infection)

While I continue to navigate for natural remedies and services, I met Angelana Marie  (she/her/they/them) this year and she started her own healing journey in 2010. A tumultuous journey that forced her to do shadow work in order to restore balance within herself. Thous this is a constant daily practice, she has learned tools and ways to assist her on her journey. She lives with endometriosis and an auto immune condition that has not been properly diagnosed. Meditation, herbs, crystals and energy work have been the main tools along with breathwork and earthing which have reconnected herself to her truth Which is forever evolving! 

She specializes in herbal medicine, crystal therapy, energy work, trigger point therapy, and fire cupping. The main purpose of her work is dismantling the patriarchy, racism, white supremacy, misogymy, colorism, ableism, and fat shaming, while uplifting and remiding queer, trans, black brown, disable folx, and the marginalized of their trught, magic, and power! Listen to Episode #47 to get to know Angelana's journey and how she discover herb medicine. 


2. Earth and Spirit: Medicinal Plants and Healing Lore from Puerto Rico

How to Find Angelana:
1. Instagram :
2. Email: or

(note: This blog post is not made for medical advice nor medical treatment, if you have a concerns with your health, please follow up with your medical provider and/or holistic provider)

I hope you enjoyed the podcast episode. Until Next time! 


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