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Happy Saturday Ladies! This past two weeks I had to take a break from podcasting to focus on other project initiatives all while still reporting to work. I know we are all trying to do our best on social distancing while being outdoors and wearing face mask where we need to, but I  have found myself navigating for a good mask that's easy to wear and easy to breathe. I came across the Kea Kea washable face cover and I had to admit, I've enjoyed wearing this mask because the material is soft, breathable and not irritating my skin.

It's definitely made my life a little easier as we are settling into the new norm of things to protect our health  and the health of others.  This mask can be repeatedly washed and it won't deform in color nor shrink. It has great air ventilation compare to other mask and has less moisture being captivated on your facial skin. The fabric is stretchy, strong and suitable for outdoors activities. 

Check out the link below to see item. 
You can  purchase by them by a pack and in different colors!

Psych of Dance

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As a recognized dance choreographer, mentor, and passionate entrepreneur, Jannet Carrera uses dance to encourage her community to release and find their inner greatness. She is the Founder & mastermind behind Psych of Dance, a mind, body, soul therapeutic dance workshop that uses psychology principles to help participants discover and transform their emotional and spiritual state through therapeutic movement. Jannet is also the proud founder of the Carrera Effect, a dance studio where she hosts interactive and intuitive Latin fitness and hip-hop dance classes for folks of all ages.

Born in Southern California, Jannet began dancing since the tender age of seven. A love that has grown stronger over the years. In 2008, Jannet was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused her unbearable chronic migraines and seizures. After countless medical visits, trial-based testing, successful breakthroughs in medicine, and with her unwavering faith, Jannet is thriving. Today she is using her voice and experiences to inspire others.

In addition to her love for dance, Jannet is also very passionate about the mind and behavior, motivating her to receive her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She devotedly fuses her love for dance with her passion for psychology in all her dance classes, programs and projects. She is a trailblazer on a mission to inspire others to connect with their inner self through dance. 

Jannet said, dancing gives you the following: 

  •  Instant freedom of expression
  •  Improves mood
  •  Release serotonin & dopamine 
  • Improves your heart rate

Where to find Janet Carrera on Social Media:
Instagram: MissCarrera
Websitecarrera effect

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Do you have a proper skin care routine? If not, it's time to start thinking about what you can do differently to enhance the health of your skin. Proper skincare is important because the skin in our bodies is the largest organ and we must learn to keep it healthy for many reasons. For starters, taking the time to involve yourself in a skin care routine will take less time than having to see a dermatologist, but keep in mind if you need to see one don't hesitate. Second a skincare routine can help your face from bigger issues such asd iscoloration, acne scars, or other skin issues. Third when you look good you feel good.

In this week's episode, I had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Adina Diaz and talk about Skin Care. After working over a decade in the field of esthetics, she decided that she must challenge the status quo and redefine society's standards of beauty and care by offering an uplifting and luxurious spa experience that is eco-friendly and fully inspired by Mother Nature. She feels passionate about helping her clients develop a consistent and nourishing skincare routine, as well as creating a community that values the wellness of a sustainable lifestyle and world.

Tune into this week's Episode with Adina below 

Book Recommendations:

Where you can find Adina:
You Tube: Adina Diaz 

Oh, and if you want to know more about the Lip Whip, Check out Kari Gran website page.


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Happy Sunday Ladies! We have made it to the month of May, but I want to know how has your gut has been feeling. Healthy, constipated or bloated?! . According to Kirschmann, constipation is a disorder characterized by decreased frequency of bowel movements, resulting in waste matter remaining in the colon and becoming dry from  a variety of causes. And constipation may stem from a variety of cause. A poor diet lacking in fluids or roughage can bring about constipation. And if we have insufficient muscle tone in the intestinal or abdominal wall due to lack of exercise, repeated failure to heed the signal to eliminate, or excessive fatigue, nervousness, anxiety, stress, or excitement may also result in constipation. 

Did you know nutrition can cure and prevent constipation while at the same time help your gut health? It  is possible for some us who don't have a severe chronic constipation to find alleviation with food. However, for others who have more severe symptoms may need to follow up with a medical provider.  As mention on the podcast episode during the pandemic, I had experience constipation and diarrhea. I had to narrow down what was bugging my gut!! And it came down to my oatmeal with 2% milk..I realize I could no longer consume milk. But what I did find helpful to alleviate my symptoms was purchasing prune juice and a Bulgarian probiotic yogurt. Kirschmann also states, foods containing fats may be useful in the treatment of constipation because of their lubricating effect on the mucous walls of the colon. Foods like garlic (the allicin in garlic stimulates the walls of the instestines), linseed, yogurt and fruits like apples, papaya, pineapple, prunes, and figs. After about a week of drinking small amounts of prune juice and eating a bulgarian probiotic yogurt my gut was feeling back to normal with no signs of constipation lasting throughout the day. And so with my most recent experience, it was time to raise awareness about anther health topic with Amanda Sauceda who is a Registered Nutritionist specializing in GUT HEALTH. 

Tune into Season 2 Episode 6 with Amanda Sauceda, MS, RDN,CLT

I hope you enjoyed the podcast and blog, below Amanda has provided some great resouces. 

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