Mujer, are you Highly Sensitive Person?

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It's Tuesday! And this one goes out to my mujeres who think or feel that you may be that highly sensitive person. We know already there is a highly negative stigma associated with being too sensitive y por lo menos la familia te llama dramatica y chillona! Si, you read that right and most people take that to the heart and force yourself to numb your true emotions, but the consequence of numbing is that you leave a negative lasting impression that will affect every part of your work and personality. 

Y pues eso no es bueno... amiga. Let me tell you something, if you are a highly sensitive person, I want you to know that your ability to feel things make you a nurturer and a healer in other words a person with compassion and understanding. People we need today because of all the b.s. in today's world, but also not to be taking advantage of because Karma is REAL. 

Y con eso dicho, a HSP seeks meaning to life because you are on the a journey to finding a meaning to life, your purpose and your magic. Yes, you enjoy things like everyone else, but you are a seeker, you dive deep into feelings which can be good, but bad if you your are imbalance with your emotions. And the reason it can be bad is because imbalance emotions can make you prone to depression and susceptible to trigger self-esteem and anxiety issues.

This is why it's important to seek solitude and have breaks intervals monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Breaking away to recharge is necessary for you mind, body, and soul. So retrieving yourself for some downtime is necessary for your energy that contributes to your health and well-being. The stigma we need to break with being emotional is that yes it can be messy, but necessary at the same time, so your body and mind don't become stagnant and prone to severe heath condition that distance your soul from living an meaningful life. 

Imagine having a society without HSP (Imagine, Imagine, Imagine). We would lack empathy and a lack of empathy is a root cause for issues we face today. So, be glad if you are a Highly Sensitive Person because you provide balance in an unbalanced environment. And as a reminder to my HSP people feel the emotion and let it go if it doesn't serve a purpose.