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As a recognized dance choreographer, mentor, and passionate entrepreneur, Jannet Carrera uses dance to encourage her community to release and find their inner greatness. She is the Founder & mastermind behind Psych of Dance, a mind, body, soul therapeutic dance workshop that uses psychology principles to help participants discover and transform their emotional and spiritual state through therapeutic movement. Jannet is also the proud founder of the Carrera Effect, a dance studio where she hosts interactive and intuitive Latin fitness and hip-hop dance classes for folks of all ages.

Born in Southern California, Jannet began dancing since the tender age of seven. A love that has grown stronger over the years. In 2008, Jannet was diagnosed with a brain tumor that caused her unbearable chronic migraines and seizures. After countless medical visits, trial-based testing, successful breakthroughs in medicine, and with her unwavering faith, Jannet is thriving. Today she is using her voice and experiences to inspire others.

In addition to her love for dance, Jannet is also very passionate about the mind and behavior, motivating her to receive her Bachelors of Arts in Psychology. She devotedly fuses her love for dance with her passion for psychology in all her dance classes, programs and projects. She is a trailblazer on a mission to inspire others to connect with their inner self through dance. 

Jannet said, dancing gives you the following: 

  •  Instant freedom of expression
  •  Improves mood
  •  Release serotonin & dopamine 
  • Improves your heart rate

Where to find Janet Carrera on Social Media:
Instagram: MissCarrera
Websitecarrera effect

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