Bonds Australia

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Happy Monday Ladies! This past weekend I decided to change my bra game with some new designs from Bonds Australia .The bra designs are comfortable, fitting, and relaxing for petite woman like myself. I don't have to worry about loose straps and uncomfortable underlying wired bras. On top of their great selection they've design some bras with a smooth open back that is easy to wear with any tank top. 

As woman, it's important for me to know that wearing a correctly fitted bra may help improve my posture, prevent pain and discomfort. According to Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, woman will wear up to six different bra sizes due to fluctuation of body change. So, it's important to check your bra size annually and make necessary changes. 

Remember bras and styles vary on the preference for each individual, but make sure when trying out new bras to wear them for at least five minutes to asses fitting, mobility and comfort. Please don't make it a habit to buy a bra just because it's pretty, instead meet the needs to support your beautiful breast. And if the bra if chic and fashionable then it's Win Win! 

Bonds Australia has a wide extensive selection of colors from purple to black and although I wanted to buy them all, I started with a simple trio with gray, brown and white. 

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