Let's talk Mira Fertility with Sylvia Kang

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Sylvia is the co-founder and CEO of Mira (www.miracare.com), a fertility tracker that tracks the numerical fertility hormone levels at home. Mira tracks cycle, predicts ovulation, monitors fetal health, measures ovarian reserve, and detect menopause at home, using a hospital-leveled technology within a palm-sized device. Sylvia holds an MBC from Cornell University and an MS in Biomedical Engineering from Columbia University. She is al a Concert Pianist and has won multiple international piano competitions in France, China, and Hong Kong.

Mira is the first and only comprehensive at-home testing device that allows women to quantitatively track major women's hormones and plotting continuous curves to predict ovulation. Unlike other fertility trackers on the market, Mira Fertility analyzer is the only fertility tracker on the market that gives you actual hormone concentration levels as well as an easy to understand fertility score based on these reading. It allows to capture fertility window before ovulation and get clear results. While their first product is focused on LH, we are releasing an FDA approved LH+ Estrogen test wand shortly after. Follicle stimulating and progesterone hormones are in the near future as well.

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Mira is more than just a hormone tracker - it’s an all-in-one fertility tracking system that automatically syncs, records, and explains your fertility hormone data in a way that is easy to understand Mira makes tracking fertility personalized and easy. Let the Mira Fertility Analyzer and App take the guesswork out of tracking your fertility, so you know exactly when
your fertile and infertile days are. Mira Fertility is as easy as collecting a urine sample on a disposable stick! And the Mira wand is small - only 2.6 inches in width, the Mira Analyzer is optimized for home and on-the-go testing, keeping your fertility journey personal and

Mira now plans to continue to grow their comprehensive women’s health home monitoring platform to also include testing and analysis for ovarian reserve, fetal health and miscarriage, menopause and hormone imbalances.

For more information about Mira Fertility, please click the following link: www.miracare.com and if you make a purchase,  don't forget to apply discount code: Lilia20  during your check out!

Where to Find Mira Fertility on social media platforms:

  1. Facebook: Mira Fertility
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