Dr. Emma Wagner, Chiropractic Practitioner

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Happy Wednesday Mujeres!

 Can you believe we are in the month of March already and heading into Spring with a couple of wellness goals in mind. I know at least for me, I have been integrating stretching into my night routine, so my body can distress, relax, but most of all improve my flexibility. 

Speaking of stretching, I recently had a conversation with Dr. Emma regarding preventive care and establishing healthy habits to make health transition for women's health easy for the mind and body. Allow me to introduce, Dr. Emma Wagner, a chiropractic practitioner located in San Clemente who specializes in chiropractic care, energy medicine, functional medicine, and nutritional coaching, all aimed at improving well-being and helping individuals lead healthier, more vibrant lives. Her holistic approach empower clients to unlock their bodies' healing potential and experience increased vitality and wellness

Join me in tonight's podcast episode as Dr. Emma and I discuss why preventive care is vital practice for women in general and how we can achieve connecting with practitioners who are offering different healing modalities to help navigate women achieve optimum health. 


Dr. Emma will be offering a giveaway to one lucky winner that will receive a free discovery vitality session, PEMF mat session, and a product as a giveaway package. Please make sure to follow Saludable Latina on Instagram, like Dr. Emma podcast post and tag one friend. The lucky winner will be announced, March 15th at 6pm pacific time. 

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