Love and Self-Care

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We are in the month of February which usually signifies that LOVE is in the air for everyone! Yes... including yourself! This is great time to schedule some loving self-care practices that will help you implement some sturdy routines that can bring harmonious energy for your overall wellbeing. 

This is the month to do an extreme Self -Care Challenge with your Mind and Body. It's time to listen to what needs have been overdue. This next couple of weeks, I want you to practice tuning into your body by noticing how you feel.  Are you feeling fatigued? Does your back feel tight? Are you emotional? Are you wanting to connect with your Womb? To help you stay focused, I want make a list of 5 things you can accomplished this month and make a plan of action to achieve those items listed.

Post your Love and Self-Care plan in a place where you will see it and remind yourself to schedule and begin practice and/or make appointments necessary.  

Self-Care Resources

Next Upcoming Event

Have you been wanting to connect with your WOMB? Join the next WOMB LOVE Mediation on March 6th,2021 at 6pm pacific time on Zoom. When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a MY WOMB, MY HEALING meditation crystal set.

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