Let's Talk Pleasure with Ianna Celeste

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Happy Wednesday Ladies! It's time to drop a new podcast episode with Eanna Celeste a Holistic Pleasure Coach and Sound Healer. With over 14 years of experience in scientific research and 7 years as a spiritual guide, she is all about the exploration life!

She has a special blend of science and spirituality, she guides her clients to explore their body's sensual and emotional spectrum as a guiding framework to grow self-love, worthiness, joy, and pleasure that inspires a fulfilled life.

"I hold an expansive vision for you, Dear friend- that you may thrive from your body's wisdom as you operate from the knowledge that pleasure IS your birthright. That you may live unshamed and unafraid to experience and express pleasure. That you may embrace your sexuality as your most vital resource, and prioritize your sensual and sexual wellness as essential aspects of  your healing." -Eanna.

Tune into episode Season Episode 13

Upcoming Event: World Pleasure Day on August 18th, 2020 

Where to find Ianna on Social Media Platforms 
Facebook: OneThreadCoach
Website: The One Thread

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