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What an experience to have captured moments for a dynamic collaboration between Liz Hernandez WORDAFULand Jessie Medina FEMXQUARTERS. Women came together to stand in grattitude and cohesively learn to shape thoughs and feeling into positive affirmations. The experience definitely created a  fluid space of good energy to flow among the ladies. 

According to Steve Rick, "Words are important. Words are one of the essential tools individuals use to communicated. As people involved in the field of communication science and disorders, we all know how important words can be to an individual." This is very true! The way we speak to ourselves and others can heal or harm our bodies and minds.

This is why it's important to change our perception and dialogue with positive words versus negative ones. According to Liz, " We can create new realities for ourselves by changing our internal and external dialogue, ones that support more meaningful relationships and lives."

During the event, I was mindful to stay present because I really enjoyed seeing the engagement between Liz and the group of women. Many of them expressing their true feelings about how they view themselves and what they felt. Liz gracefully listened as she helped guide women into changing their negative thoughts into positive affirmations.

If you didn't get a chance to attend the event, don't stress. I want you to take this opportunity to answer and reflect on the following questions that Steve Rich shared on Associate Insights:

What do your words say about you? How do your words promote health and wholeness? How do your words encourage and give positive reinforcement to others? Do you say kind things? What affirmative thoughts do you say to yourself?

I also want you to google Liz's videos on you tube and select one video to listen to and journal a response. I chose the video acceptance. 


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