Women's Wellness Circle

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Happy New Year! I know you've noticed that I have been away from the blog, podcast and creating workshops. That's because I had to take a break for a couple reasons. First, I had to place my health as a priority to take care of some important health appointments and Second, I needed writers inspiration to continue to work on my first mini 5 page or so guide. I know it's not like a 20 pages, but I seriously I had t think.. write...work....think....exercise.....read...write...do laundry.. eat.. sleep.. write.. so five pages was like eternity, I seriously don't know how writers do it, but I am staying positive that I can share hopefully by this weekend! Fingers Crossed!

Next, I want to announce, I've decided to host my first workshop of the year Friday, January 17th, 2020 will be the first Women's Wellness Circle at FEMX Quarters. I am being mindful to create from a place of harmony and not exhaustion, so I will be very selective with the dates, so I can create unique and beautiful experiences. So, with that said, if you like to attend the first workshop, click the link below for details.


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