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How to work with Saludable Latina

Need a writer? I am here to share health and wellness topics because my primary goal is "primary prevention education for women."

What kind of clients am I looking for? Creative organizations profit or non-profit and wellness type companies.  A business that believes in the true well being of the individual.

Product | Service | Event reviews:
If it involves health and wellness count me in! I love providing my readers with new experiences that can help pave the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Speaking | Presentations:
I love collaborating with brands, companies, organizations, educational institutions
 as a motivational speaker for women's heath and wellness. 

Sponsorships | Collaborations

Press samples are more than welcomed, but not always featured. I practice what I preach, so if I feel the product will truly promote a healthier lifestyle then the product will be featured in my own discretion. I will be happy to collaborate with a product that goes along with my Saludable Latina content. I love receiving event invites as well as featuring services, experiences and products that deserve the spotlight it needs for the women's health. 

To inquire about a Media Kit, please send an email. 

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