Menstrual Cycle Wisdom

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Reclaiming your wisdom with your menstrual cycle can be quite a powerful experience for every girl, young lady and women. The different parts of the cycle can be an opportunity to profound our connection with our fierce bodies.  And the process can begin with the simple practice of thinking differently about our bodies and being mindful about our perception of our menstruation.

Christiane Northrup a well known medical provider illustrated a simple chart below highlighting the importance of how menstruation cycle is perceived and the outcome if we refuse to embrace our bleed manifestation.

Body Organ or Process
Encoded Wisdom
Energy Dysfunction
Physical Manifestation
Menstruation Cycle
Cyclic intuitive wisdom and emotional recycling and processing
Refusal to embrace
Both difficult and pleasant emotions; the dark and the light
Not allowing shadow side to be seen and worked through
Belief that menstrual cycle is bad or shameful
Lack of periods
Heavy periods
Irregular periods
Painful Periods

As Christiane mentions, "we should start viewing our menstruation cycles as a sacred source of insight and renewal." Every women now lives in a modern world, where the fast paced life is the norm, we multitask several different roles and jobs, all while trying to find a balance. The reality is we have become an expert of interrupting our body rhythms because we are busy meeting everyone's expectations except listening to our bodies.

We need to start learning more about our menstrual cycle wisdom to start embracing our cycle bleeds for our health, healing and love. I am not implying to become an extraordinary menstrual cycle philosopher, but I am recommending to start reading about our connection to the moon and female cyclic nature.

There has been several studies that have shown the moon cycle rules the flow of fluids in the environment as well as internal body fluids. The timing of the a women's menstrual cycle, fertility cycle and labor follow's the moons dominated tides of the ocean. Environmental cues such as the light, the moon, and the tides play a documented role in regulating women's menstrual cycles and fertility. Many women find that they are at their peak of expression in the outer world from the onsite of their menstrual cycle until ovulation. The energy is outgoing and upbeat (Northrup, 102).

The moon and tides interact with the electromagnetic processes; the moon itself has a period when it is covered with darkness, and then slowly, beginning at the time of the new moon, it becomes visible to us again, gradually waxing to fullness (Northrup, 102). This is the same concept when a female is menstruating because the bleeding phase becomes the darkness that covers the transition of a new  ovulation phase and it become physically, mentally and emotionally visible.

As women we need to embrace the darkness (the bleed) phase vs. perceiving menstruation to be a burden in our bodies and feeling a stagnant negative reaction.  Admittedly, I was one of many women who perceived menstruation as a burden, a problem and a disturbance. If I had that perception back then when I was 15 years old, then I know many of you were on the same boat. So, let's change the game by slowing down and revitalize the concept of menstruation health for our future female generations. Let's seek our inner wisdom by allowing a positive and healthy space for menstruation talk.

Self discover and educate yourself through Duvets beautiful menstrual/lunar cycle illustration. She believe our menstrual cycle is a gift and should be treated as sacred.

Duvet's  explains the menstrual phase in four simple steps below:

The uterus sheds the inner lining of soft tissue and blood vessels which exits our bodies in the form of menstrual fluid through the vagina. ⠀

During this stage the follicles in the ovaries mature and ends with ovulation. The main hormone controlling this stage is estradiol.

The pituitary gland secretes a hormone that causes our ovaries to release a matured egg which flows into the fallopian tube on the 14th day of our cycle.

This stage happens after ovulation and before the menstrual cycle. The egg that is release during the ovulation phase stays in the fallopian tube for 24 hours. During this time the lining of your uterus normally gets thicker for a possible pregnancy or if sperm does not impregnate the egg within that time, the egg disintegrates and ends with the menstrual phase

If you made it this far, thank you for  reading the blog post, I hope this will inspire you look at your menstruation from a different perspective.

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