WeAllGrow Latina #Wellness Day 2018

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I've been working on the intention of making space to heal and free myself from all the agony and pain I was going through this past year. I often found myself trying to figure out things my way and simply making mistakes because I voided letting God enter my space for a while. It's not that I am not a believer because I am, but my connection to my faith drifted abundantly when uncertainty gained a dark place in my heart. Had I been wrong for letting go, absolutely not, I was simply lost and heart broken.

After realizing that I could no longer lean into my own understanding, I created a space for God to slide something new into my life. December was the beginning of my healing phase and  I prayed for a transition in my life to help me reconnect with my relationships, intuition and life goals. 

Although, this year has been slow, it's been filled with strange experiences, surprises and love. It was also the perfect timing to get reconnect my sisterhood at the weallgrowlatina annual conference. 

Bienvenidas to WeallGrowLatina, #Wellnessday18

It was a beautiful morning as I arrived to Hotel Maya and I couldn't help, but feel God's welcoming presence in my heart as the sun kissed my skin, the breeze gently dance with my hair and the waves of the bay connected with my eyes. I had arrived to where my body need to be, a place surrounded by beautiful Latina women. 

After entering the hotel, I wasn't sure if I would see my fellow sisters who I've met at the first #weallgrow conference. And as I approached the line to check in, I saw many new faces and felt the energy from a small group of women nearby me. The energy was alive, warm and welcoming. As I roamed the room, I found a place to sit down, took a deep breath and reminded myself why I needed to be here. You see, not too long ago in April 2017, I suffered from my first miscarriage and in March I finally (found the space to heal). Last year was a difficult journey day in and day out, but this year is all about believing and owning my vulnerability as well as honoring my emotions and experience.  So, this is why I found myself at the #wellnessday18.

I believe if you truly honor your over all wellbeing and health, you have to take the first step to being aware of how you can make a simple daily practice into an everyday practice.  And well, weallgrow Latina initiated the first step by inviting the American Heart Association to join and lead participants in a circle of meditation, breathing and yoga. This was no new territory for me, since I love practicing the methods at least 1-2 times a week. But I have come to a realization; that if you truly find the time to concentrate your internal thoughts with your body and God, you achieve the ultimate sacred place. So allow yourself to  connect with your environment and surrounding, so nature can enter your space as you ... inhale, exhale and sing a mantra. 

(photo credit: Robson Muzele @weallgrowlatina  #wellnessday18)

After a great exercise, remember to nourish your body with a healthy breakfast because nutrition heals mind, body and soul. Remember your purpose is "to eat to live not to live to eat", so let's make the effort to adapt healthier lifestyle choices little by little.

(photo credit: Robson Muzele @weallgrowlatina  #wellnessday18)

After a great power exercise and breakfast the panel discussion was next. The first panel was all about finding your own balance with Kika Rocha, Andrea Minski, Jacquie Marquez and Nikki Novo. The second panel was about getting to know wellness influencers and the third panel was about Food for the Soul. In between the panels were amazing speakers such as Chritine Guitierrez from Embracing your feminine Wisdom, Living in Sychronicity + Flow with Millana Snow, Words Are Powerful with Liz Hernandez and Self Love to Unconditional Love with Diego Perez. I mean the house was packed with great intentions and speakers. Each individual has great holistic approaches and practices to really become balanced with your internal flow.

(photo credit: Robson Muzele @weallgrowlatina  #wellnessday18)

Another great aspect of the conference was the Aveeno Oasis nutrition workshop with Jacquie Marquez. During her wellness workshop, she carefully selected two of her favorite salads to share at the weallgrow #wellnessday18 that was inspired by the new Aveeno Absolutely Ageless natural ingredients moringa, blackberries and dill. 

While Jacquie shared how to utilize blackberries, red onions, wild rice, grilled chicken and so on, she also clarified the importance of using the ingredients in the correct order so the salad can stay fresh longer. I definitely enjoyed learning how to prepare a salad in a mason jar, but most of all how quick and easy it was. I am definitely looking forward to preparing quick salads for work.

(photo credit: Robson Muzele @weallgrowlatina  #wellnessday18)

I have to admit that I ate the salad as soon as I made it because it was too delicious to resist!

One of the last healing workshops I was curious about, was the Crystal Bliss session with Devi Brown.  Devi, had an opportunity to go over some of her favorite crystals while explaining the beauty and magic of her crystal collection. She mentioned how much crystals create a welcoming environment to help liven up the atmosphere and manifest a deep connection. I was mostly intrigued with the healing power found in crystals because they are conduits of energy and Devi mentioned, the crystals have the ability to enhance, hold, and share energy in ways that can provide physical and spiritual healing. As she shared some of her best knowledge with us, we also had the opportunity to hold and see some of her favorite crystals. And immediately my energy was drawn to two crystals.

The citrine, which is known as the "stone of success". When I had the opportunity to hold the crystal in my hands, my energy invested more towards spiritual growth and healing power.  I remember, when I  held the stone, I  enclosed the stone with both hands and drew it close to my heart  and said my second prayer of the day with the intention to  free my feelings and unlock a deeper layer of a successful personal path.

The other stone that drew my energy was Lapis Lazuli, it's beautiful intense cobalt blue drew my attention to increase my meditation. I literally blocked everything out as I gazed at the crystal to seek  my inner voice and increase my spiritual journey with my faith , but to also to gain higher consciousness and inner peace. I've been told in the past, I have a special gift and for sometime, I was able to connect to my psychic abilities with friends and their love ones, but I stopped because I had experience a spiritual warfare (perhaps, I will save that experience for another blog post), but I know for the time being I would like to focus more on the desire to lead me to making wiser decisions and discover universal truths. 

I am forever grateful to re-connect with the community Ana Flores has created. And because of a short online conversation I had with Ana, I continue to honor all of my vulnerabilities and life experiences. With that said, I am ready to continue my upward connection and be open to receive it inward  through my body, mind and spirit, so one day I may share it outward.   

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