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Hola Chikas,

Itś been a couple weeks since I last posted a blog for my health website, but nevertheless, today I am just sharing some great information from the # 100PorCientoTu  campaign. If you dont know by now, Ive been on a journey to getting back into shape and findings workouts that are more suitable to my physical fitness.
Physical activity is not only good for health, but motivates you to become the best version of yourself and always be # 100PorCientoTu . Get on board with easy and fun tips from fitness expert and lifestyle Idalis Velasquez . Her  mission is to help women and men of all types and levels of fitness to meet their goals.
No matter if you are just starting, or just want to change your exercise routine, these tips are easy to follow and incorporate into your life as you prepare for those long days of summer. We hope you find these tips below interesting.

1. Prioritize muscle training!
If you want a body ready for the beach, give priority to muscle training. Some of the benefits of dedicating a muscle training program at least three times a week are:
·          Increase metabolism and burn more calories for 24 to 48 hours after training
  • Developing defined muscles for a toned look
Tip - Do exercises that use more than one muscle group, like these, in a circuit for efficient training and maximize your workout time.
·          S entadillas
·          Pushups
·          Ejercios rowing
·          lunges

2.        Do not forget your glutes and abs
Your s buttocks are more grades muscles of your body, and exercising them is one of the best ways to burn calories. The next exercised activate these, like your abs, to make sure you're benefiting the most from your workout to achieve your best this summer.
  • Hip thrusts
  • Hip bridges
  • clamshells
  • Planks before and after each exercise session

3. Add intermittent training
To increase fat loss and see results, adds intermittent high intensity exercises to your cardio routine. Studies have shown that this is a more effective way to burn fat instead of doing cardio alone, and helps you be more efficient in your training.

4. Incorporates movement to your day
Estacionándote away, picking up bleachers you see the high and adding 3-5 minutes of exercises like planks, squats, pushups and lunges during your lunch hour can make a big impact on your physical and see results in less time. Incorporating these movements to your day can help boost metabolism and accelerate results. To help in those days a lot of movement, use of Degree deodorants and antiperspirants. Its responsive technology offers protection against sweat long term, for both men and women.

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